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November 2019

"We were very pleased with the Kinder Garden and their staff. Our daughter learned a lot there and even though she finished back at the end of June, she still makes references to her experience and the things she learned there! I’d highly recommend the Kinder Garden to anyone looking for a really good daycare!!

Thanks again"


November 2019

"Love love love this facility! Friendly helpful staff, my daughter is excited to go Every morning! Her vocabulary is incredible since starting here. The staff go over and beyond for these children. Lucky to have here here. Highly recommend."

~Sherrie Lavoie~

September 2019

"There were a few reasons we transitioned our son to The Kinder Garden, one of them being that we wanted to socialize him in a more structured (but fun!) environment so that he would have an easier transition into the school system later on. We have definitely achieved this and feel that he will be set up for success when he transitions to school.

The ECEs and assistants that we've encountered have been nothing short of amazing. Our son's confidence and independence has improved tremendously with the encouragement of his educators, he loves to show us the new things he can do on his own and in turn, tries to teach us new things too.

The ECEs and assistants do an amazing job caring for the children and the children are proof of this! We can't thank The Kinder Garden enough for helping us feel comfortable in this transition and always working with us to provide the care and support we want for our son."

~Keeley S~

May 2019

"Our daughter had a wonderful experience at The Kinder Garden. The educators are absolutely wonderful. They are kind and caring to the children and they create an environment that promotes learning in fun and creative ways. They use various methods and approaches to help facilitate their daily plans.
We look forward to enrolling our children in the future."

~Kara C~

October 2019

"If you are looking for a centre in Angus be sure to check out The Kinder Garden! Our son has been attending here for 2 years now and will continue until he goes off to school. We wanted something more than a home daycare with a more structured program and this centre has exceeded our expectations! The staff are so friendly and do an amazing job caring for the children and are also excellent on communicating with you! They are always doing fun educational activities and I love how they have lots of outdoor time.. not only playing but learning new things and going on adventures at the same time. Our son has learned so much here and we couldn't be happier that this is where we chose for him to grow and flourish into the little man he is! We will for sure be sad to leave next year when our son goes off to school!"

~Katelyn Heyland~

February 2019

"-Facility is very well monitored by staff & safe
-Staff are very attentive & caring
-Children have a variety of activities indoors & clean classrooms
-Lots of outdoor play
-A lot of communication is sent all day to parents

Very happy our little one was able to attend here!"

~Shane Stone~

September 2019

"In home daycares were a nightmare for us and I CAN NOT express our gratitude for my daughters spot at The Kinder Garden. She has blossomed and learned so much there. The owners passion for the best center for children is clear and the systems speak for themselves. There are so many reasons why we love it!! The healthy meal menu, Eco Friendly, Licensed by The Ministry of Education, Inspected by Simcoe County, Simcoe/Muskoka Health Unit and Essa Fire (All important factors for us) The Montessori learning, songs, crafts, education, music, yoga and positive redirection instead of punishment. The security of the facility, the trips my daughter loves and the Daily Connect App that updates me all day about her activities and learning. Book orders, community events and the STAFF. The ECE certified educators make a world of difference when it comes to growth, interaction and understanding of the children. We have been here for 1.5 years and honestly are saddened to think she will transition to public school sooner than later and not be part of this wonder place that my daughter also really enjoys spending her days at while making great friends. Thanks a bunch everyone!!"

~Christy MacMartin~

February 2019

"We were really fortunate to find such dedicated childcare educators in The Kinder Garden.
Our 3 children were granted with an individual approach according to their personal learning needs. The daily program presented fostered our children’s curiosity, intellect and physical development.
Moreover, we were greatly pleased with the variety of educational activities and the amount of outdoor time in all weather conditions!
We are thankful for all the learning opportunities provided to our children these past 4 years and how they have evolved through their early childhood."


November 2018

"Highly recommended! Both my toddler son and school aged daughter attend. My daughter started in 2015 as a preschooler and now attends public school but goes back to the Kinder Garden for day camp during school holidays. She begs to go!
The staff are excellent! Professional staff that communicate well. My toddler son has learned so much in the 8 months he has been there. So happy with The Kinder Garden."

~Kuruka Equestrian~

October 2019

"My daughter has been going to the Kinder Garden Center Since she was 18 months old (She is still there and turns 3 next week)
We Absolutely love it there!
Every day the children are learning new skills and having fun learning to care for and play with others.
The staff they have are some of the nicest people i have ever come in contact with, my daughter has some anxiety issues and they always help her through it. The Director is always polite and accommodating to a child's individual needs and also follows all of the ministry needs and requirements.
I recommend this center to all my friends that have little's, I am beyond happy I sent my daughter here!!"

~Samantha Eveleigh~

November 2019

"Our little one has been attending since April and just loves it here! She has grown so much in her speech and social skills and always comes home singing and smiling:) The educators make her feel comfortable away from home and are always very attentive and hands on with the children. My school aged daughter also went to The Kinder Garden for preschool and I feel like the program really prepared her to begin school. She also just adored her educators! :) The facility is clean and the program is well organized. My kids are also very picky eaters and always seem to enjoy the healthy lunches👌🏻"

~Bailey McDonald~

November 2019

"Our son has been going to The Kinder Garden day care centre for just over two years and he absolutely loves it!!!! The creativity and learning environment is beyond what we could have ever hoped for. The teachers and the owner are amazing with the children. We are so happy knowing that he is so well loved and cared for."

~D Hall~

November 2019

"My son has been attending The Kinder Garden for two years now, and he has learned and grown so much. The staff are always kind and my son just loves his educators so much. The director is very helpful and has always made time to address any concerns I may have. I know my son is safe and happy and thriving every day."

~Adrea Armstrong~

September 2019

"My son loves going to this daycare. The educators give him the attention he needs when he needs it. They always give him comfort when he is being dropped off and doesn’t want me to leave, as well as any comfort he needs during the day. The educators have a genuine interest in the kids and their work. The programs are properly geared to children’s ages and provides them with a wealth of skills. It’s great seeing my son’s eyes light up when I sing a song he learned in daycare.

The facility itself is clean, organized, and provides great space for the kids’ activities. I get to read what my son is doing throughout the day which is calming.

I am confident and at ease knowing my son is in good hands when I’m at work."

~Samantha Lynn~

January 2019

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for the care provided to Florence the past few months by all the teachers of the Kinder Garden.

As a military family we move often, this time I wish we could have stayed in the area and plant roots for a while.

Every morning I dropped Florence off at daycare and her (often still sleepy eyes) brightened up as soon as she entered her classroom.

Every day you have filled Florence’s heart with love, smiles, understanding, patience, self esteem, inner strength, independence, respect and resilience.

Thanks to your knowledgeable teachers and wonderful learning program I saw Florence blossom and grow a little older and wiser daily.

Sunshine, snow or rain, you’ve taken my little bundle outside to play so she could discover and enjoy the best nature has to offer.

It’s hard to imagine a daycare where communication between teachers and parents will be so honest and extensive. I am still amazed by the time spent daily by teachers to detail their day with the children. The teachers reflections showed a tremendous interest in their art. I do firmly believe that helping raise other people’s children is an art. As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child” and that’s exactly what the Kinder Garden has been to my family.

In my eyes, the Kinder Garden and its teachers have been above and beyond what a parent can dream of for their children.

Thank you all! Until next time!"
~Elise & Florence~

December 2018

"Both my kids love going here! The staff are warm & friendly. The centre itself is clean & very well organized. They work with you & offer assistance if any issues arise. So glad I didn't listen to the one parent bad mouthing this place & gave this centre a chance!"

~Sabrina Orzolek~

October 2019

"We LOVE the Kinder Garden. Our youngest is just over 2 years old and had never been in any kind of a day care. With me going back to work and us recently moving, it was a lot of change for her but with the help of the staff, she has adjusted beautifully and loves school day. I really appreciate their dedication to each child's needs, their stance on security for the students and the healthy hot lunches and snacks. It makes it a lot easier for me to transition back to work knowing she is so well taken care of."

~Elaine Dickinson~

September 2019

"The staff is outstanding, my daughter has found great friends and has learned so much. Lisa's team is always pleasant and welcoming and happy to share how your kiddo is doing!"

~Jess G~

February 26, 2015

"Our son loved attending The Kinder Garden and never wanted to leave at the end of the day.  He enjoyed the field trips they went on and the daily activities they would do.  We noticed our son's development flourish as a student which helped immensely in his transition to junior kindergarten.  Miss Lisa is a very loving and attentive person and there is definitely no shortage of hugs when needed.

~Val & Ryan~

February 13, 2015

"We especially like the structure and curriculum and have noticed a significant improvement in Sophia's vocabulary and cognitive abilities.  The variety and quality of the snacks and lunch is excellent!"

~Derek & Charlene~

February 16, 2015

"Our three year old son has been at The Kinder Garden for eight months.  His days are packed with fun, friends and education.  I love the focus on learning and I always know Jaxon is being well cared for.  The mix of Early Childhood Education and the Montessori Method is a clear advantage!"

~Hayley & Brent~

February 15, 2015

"As a parent it can be very hard to trust another person with the well-being of your child but I have no concerns while my daughter is at The Kinder Garden.  Ms. Lisa and her staff encourage the children to learn and have fun and flourish as independant individuals.  I love The Kinder Garden as much as my daughter does!"

~Christa & Shane~

February 10, 2015

"Our daughter has only been at The Kinder Garden for a month but already we can see how great it is and how much learning is done.  She wakes up excited to go to school and comes home talking non stop about her day.... always with a huge smile.  We couldn't be happier with our choice.  Teachers are great, positive and encouraging their development.  Thank you for taking such great care of our daughter!"

~Jaime & Ted~

February 10, 2015

"The Kinder Garden is such an amazing place!  I still can't believe how much my daughter (Ella) learns everyday. When she gets home she can't wait to tell me how much fun she's had, what craft she made and how good lunch was!  I've never felt more confident leaving Ella knowing that she will be so well taken care of."

~Teresa & Mike~

February 19, 2015

"It is gratifying to see our child enjoying his time at The Kinder Garden.  Since he started attending, we have noticed an improvement in his secondary language speech, manual dexterity and general independance.  He is eager to learn new subjects and his interest is reflected at home."

~Khrystele & Benoit~

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