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The Kinder Garden Philosophy



The philosophy behind our unique Play and Nature based program combined with Montessori style learning is that children are permitted to learn and explore their surroundings at their own natural pace. 

Each child learns through "absorbing" various elements from each activity and challenge that they encounter and many times they are drawn back to the same

activities in order to completely satisfy their inner needs before wanting to move on to more challenging tasks.  In addition, our combined programming approach promotes the development of the child's "whole self" so that each student benefits in all aspects of their growth and development in a holistic way.


At The Kinder Garden children participate regularly in outdoor nature education, emergent curriculum, Montessori activities, arts & crafts, sensory experiences, yoga, beginner meditation and academic challenges.  Our enriching and diverse environment allows children to choose their own independent activities in order to satisfy their hunger to grow mentally and challenge themselves with new or different tasks.  


Snack and meal times allow children to socialize with their peers enabling them to grow and develop their individual character, empathy towards others and improve their development of communication skills.


Outdoor play assists in the development of gross motor skills and helps each child burn off excess energy so that they feel content, relaxed and able to conform to the behaviors expected within the classroom.


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