Video Over Internet Service


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Video Over Internet is a secure and private way for parents to check-in on their child throughout the day so that they can watch their child grow, learn and play.


Parents can practically be in their child's classroom and see what they're doing and how they're interacting with their surroundings and their peers.  


Watch your child interact during story time, work on a craft or make a new friend.  Your child is a close as an accessable computer.


Parents can go to work feeling free of worry knowing that they can check-in with their child at anytime from any computer.


After enrolling your child for preschool at The Kinder Garden, you will receive your special login and password to our private and secured Video Over Internet service so that you can start using it on your child's first day.


This service is included in your child's program fees.





*The Kinder Garden reserves the right to remove it's Video Over Internet Service for any reason and without notice.


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