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The Kinder Garden




At The Kinder Garden children benefit from having the  BEST OF BOTH WORLDS as their early education experience.  

"Learn Through Play" and "The Montessori Method"

coupled with nature-based programming

Both methods are incorporated into our program as we believe that they both have an equal amount of importance when  assisting each child in their development as an individual and as a whole.

"A Day in The Life"

at The Kinder Garden

Each morning children are greeted as they arrive and then given the opportunity to socialize with their peers, play with toys and activities of their choice and encouraged to use their imaginations to Learn Through Play.

Planned Washroom Break
Morning Snack


Morning Activities


Open Craft

Open Creative Time gives children an opportunity to sit down and independently create a piece of art using a variety of craft supplies, paints, markers, stamps and papers.  Providing an open arts and crafts table allows each child the chance to explore self expression, tactile stimulation and sensory awareness.

 Montessori Activities
Children have the opportunity to challenge themselves with  Montessori activities that are age appropriate and challenging.  After each activity has been properly presented to students, they are given free range in choosing the activities that they would like to do and can spend as long or as little time as they desire on them before moving onto another.  Children are naturally attracted to the activities that they are ready to "absorb" from and will spend as much time as they feel they need to challenge and satisfy their inner needs.  Our Montessori curriculum consists of Language Arts, Music Enrichment, Mathematics and Numeracy, Sensorial, Culture and Science (Zoology, Botony, History, Geography and Hands-On Experimenting with Science), Creative Art and Practical Life Skills.


Academic Enrichment

During morning activities children are invited to practice and refine a variety of academic skills that are meant to develop their fine motor, hand-eye coordination, sorting skills, classification and cognitive skills.  We also use this time to work on printing skills, letter sounds, mathematics and problem solving.


Sensory Experiences

Each morning our students are exposed to a number of sensory experiences such as classical/instrumental music, scented, colorful and textured materials in the sensory table, dirt , rocks and plant life outdoors.


Emergent Play
Children learn by "doing" and "self directing". 

Our educators follow the interests of the children, guide them in their exploration and encourage growth and wonder through interest based planning.


Outdoor Nature Education

10:30-11:45 (winter); 9:15-11:45 (summer)

Children use this time to refine their self dressing skills while getting themselves ready for outdoor play.  Once outdoors, the children are engaged in nature based activities such as gardening, bird watching, nature discovery, experiments, planned games and play. A carefully planned "child-directed" curriculum is implemented outdoors daily.



Planned Washroom Break

Large Group Activities

Large group time takes place just before lunch.  We talk about the day of the week, the month, the year, the weather, how we are feeling, our theme of the week, the letter of the week and have group discussions.   Children also learn new songs, finger plays and daily french basics during this special gathering every morning.  Story time is always a big part of large group time and very much looked forward to by all of the children. 



Lunch time is a fantastic time for practicing social skills as children have honest conversations with their peers and discussions that revolve around their personal interests and desires. Educators use this time to encourage health eating, manners and conversations around the day's learning experiences.


Relaxation/Wellness Session

After lunch, children are invited to participate in a planned relaxation/wellness session such as yoga, guided meditation, deep breathing, long stretches or quiet independent reading to assist them with grounding themselves in preparation for quiet time.


Quiet Rest Time

Planned Washroom Break

Afternoon Snack



Outdoor Play

(weather permitting)

A final hour of outdoor play is the way children at The Kinder Garden end their day before getting picked up to go home



Planned Washroom Break

Learn Through Play
During this hour children Learn through Play using the materials and toys around the classroom.


Table Activities

Table activities are a great way to end an exciting day.  Wooden puzzles, peg boards, latch boards, blocks and more are available for children to challenge themselves during table activity time.

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